NARRATIVE NORTHEAST welcomes submissions of fiction, poetry (including haiku) creative nonfiction, memoir, drama, (10 minute plays) translations, interviews, art and photography.  We accept both new and published writers and artists. We have published such authors/poets as: Kwame Dawes, Marge Piercy, Chen Chen, X.J. Kennedy, Rachel Eliza Griffin, Camille Dungy, Denise Frohman, Marci Calabretta Cancio-Bello, Forest Gander, Joan Larkin, Xu Due, Maria Miozotty Gillan, Paul Genega,  David Trinidad, Safia Ellhillo, Meccah Jamilah-Sullivan, Simon Perchik, Angelo Niklopoulos, Jasmine Mans, and such artists as: Mary Chang, Lori Field, Brianna McCarthy and Akinoh Kodah and more.

ISSUE 11 -- Spoken Word & More; Guest Co-Editor, Paul LaTorre



ISSUE 7- open topics

ISSUE 6 - open topics

ISSUE 5 --THE ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUE, looking for nature poems, poems with a socially conscious themes-related to the environment, activist voices.  Guest Co-editor, Safia Elhillo

ISSUE 4 -- Guest Co-editor, Chen Chen 

ISSUE 3 -- No theme-- Guest Editor/Guest Co-editor; Quassan Castro. 

                                                                     Introducing our Haiku Corner 

Check out the new haiku page.  We are looking for traditional 5-7-5 haiku and less strict syllable counts; submit 1 to 10 haiku, single spaced (double-space between each haiku) and in one document. As always, include your third person bio.  

WOMEN'S THEME, ISSUE 2  -  rolling submissions until the edition is filled.

The upcoming 2nd issue is a women's theme issue only.  We're seeking work by women about women, both straight & LBGT--pieces that explore the inner and outer lives of women and/or girls. We're looking for diverse voices and visions; themes can be feminist, on body issues, body celebration, activism, the daily lives of women and/or girls, cultural heritage, female empowerment, the push against patriarchy--or on any topic or theme, as long as it related to women.  We like appreciate social awareness, depth, the daring and the humorous.  Guys, if you have work related to any of the themes above, and it is on the topic of women,feel free to submit.  

Art and photography:  general themes regarding women, also seeking  body-related themes, nudes (nothing pornographic or demeaning) that explore culture and heritage.  These could explore both the joy and pain of womanhood, or other relevant or irreverent themes.  

Please DON'T FORGET to include a cover letter with your contact info., a brief bio (writer's or artist's)  and a word count for fiction and nonfiction!  

What we need in general:

  • We accept only unpublished work, unless otherwise specified. All rights revert to the authors upon publication.  We require First Rights, as we want to be the first journal/magazine to present the work to the public. We won’t consider poems that have been self-published, published online, or have been posted to blogs, etc., except when posted to closed groups or message boards. If it can be found on Google, than we won't publish it.  
  • Intellectual property remains with the author but by submitting a poem you are authorizing Narrative Northeast to publish your work, if accepted, in both electronic and/or printed form. 
  • Simultaneous submissions are acceptable, as long as we are notified of acceptance to another magazine.  All submissions should also be withdrawn from our Submittable.  
  • Please include a brief cover letter with a few lines of your bio notes, publication history (or not)  No pitches for your work please. Let the work speak for itself. 
  • Our reading period is all year round..
  • Unsolicited submissions received outside the reading period will not be read, or held for future issues. 
  • We are seeking audio and/or video of poetry readings, performance art or music.  They should be original works of the poet/artist. 

NOTE:  NN publishes pieces by actual post date or thematically,  so your work may appear earlier or later then the actual post time.

What we like:

  • Revelation so stark that it hurts. Pathos that can reveal, as humor and joy can do.
  • Superior craft (clarity, concrete details, strong narrative development, imagery and voice).
  • Ambiguity, complexity, depth, thoughtfulness, delicacy, humor, comedy, irreverence, lyricism, sincerity; the elegant, the ironic and the raw.
  • Social awareness, a protest poem, some experimental poetry, Imagist, Slam/Spoken Word, Hip Hop (audio and/ or video would be great) and of course, lyric and narrative forms. 
  • Art and photography should embody many of the traits listed above, starting with ambiguity and moving on to raw. A piece or portfolio of pieces should be unique, have an original concept and be well executed. 

What we don't want:

  • Greeting card or cliched sentimentality. 
  • Misogynist, racist, homophobic, or any other hate-related material.
  • Rhyming poetry (hallmark, forced or doggerel) with exception given to the New Formalist and Hip Hop/Slam/Spoken Word kinds.
  • The world to come an end.  :)

With some NN additions, the "What We Like List" was borrowed from Literary Mama's submissions page.  For the most part, it embodies our poetry and lit. wish list. Thanks Mama.

Please include 3-8 haiku as individual pieces and double spaced between haiku.   They can be 5-7-5 syllables or have a less strict syllable count but should be three lines long. 
Please send 3-4 unpublished poems as one document, include only one poem per page.  Please don't use PDF format.  Wait until you hear from us before submitting again.  Thanks. :)
For creative nonfiction/memoir manuscripts please no less then 500 hundred to no more 2500 words, or 5 pages double-spaced.  Please do not use PDF files. 
Short Story
Short story manuscripts should be no shorter than 500 words and no longer than 2500 words, which is 5 double-spaced pages.  Please do not use a PDF file.

Art  submissions of every medium, (painting, drawing, photography, printmaking,etc)  from 5 to 30 pieces per portfolio, looking for medium to large image sizes.

Allowed formats: .doc .rtf .pdf .docx .txt .wpd .odf .odt .mp3 .mp4 .m4a .mov .flv .jpg
As always, the file extension (the period and three letters at the end of the filename) should correspond to the format the file was saved in. So, for example, the filename of an original Microsoft Word file should end with .doc. If your filename has no extension or does not correspond to one of the formats in the list above, then the system will not accept it.
Narrative Northeast